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The aim of Compass is to offer an extensive catalogue of unusual, unique and exotic locations, which are available for photographic, film and commercial shoots, as well as corporate and social events.

Compass delivers in two ways: it provides access to a wider range of outstanding locations in the UK and abroad to the fashion and film world and to the owners of exceptional properties, it presents the opportunity to engage in high value alternative uses.





Within this website you will find a regularly updated database of properties from around the UK and abroad - many of which have never been used as locations before. Compass offers an extensive catalogue of unusual locations ranging from stately homes and castles to African ranches and beachside villas in Mexico. Compass also provides a wide selection of urban settings, industrial locations and residential properties. If our properties do not match your specific requirements, Compass can arrange for a location scout to fulfill your brief.

All the locations selected by Compass have been vetted by the company's founder Charles Aboah, in terms of their practicality as a location.

Along with a selection of photographs and descriptions of each property Compass Locations Ltd can also provide information on local services and facilities, such as car rental, accommodation, catering and transport – all the elements required to ensure that the shoot or event runs smoothly. Compass can also recommend on and off site production services if necessary.

Compass Locations Ltd allows property owners the opportunity to register locations on-line, while clients will be updated on new locations listed either via e-mail or by browsing the New Locations Page.

To view the locations listed with Compass either click onto ‘search by location’ or ‘search by country’.